Our Team

Our Team

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At Immoster Investissement Management, we are committed to foster and cultivate an inclusive culture, which draws from a diverse spectrum of talent, to provide our clients a wealth of perspectives, capabilities, and insights.

Our understanding.

We believe that through a policy of diversity and inclusion, that we enhance the decision making process to create better business outcomes.

Mr. Simon Portman started his career at Bankers Trust Company, Switzerland. His last position was General Manager and Regional Head of its South East Asian operations. He was responsible for the Switzerland branch operation and the strategic direction of the Bankers Trust global trading business in Asia.

Simon Portman

Financial Director

As founder and Managing Member, Mr. Alexandre Bujard leads CROWN's strategy and activities. He also oversees all investment activities including research, allocation and manager selection. He has nearly four decades of business experience.

Alexandre Bujard

Strategic Manager

Part of international asset management group, in 2013 after working for 15 years in several senior roles based in London, New York and Switzerland. Patrick Pessi has more than 15 years of investment experience primarily in the areas of fixed income, currency management and interest rate trading.

Patrick Pessi


Past & current directorships include public companies & subsidiaries listed or operating in Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bahrain & Kuwait across diverse sectors such as energy, construction, infrastructure, asset management, insurance & banking, payroll & HR outsourcing.

Adrian Held

Independent Consultant