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Immoster Investissement is a Switzerland based asset management firm and Capital Markets Services (CMS) licence holder that manages a series of funds across asset classes, including real estate, technology and prime currency.

At Immoster Investissement, our investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that while markets are efficient in the long term, there exist inefficiencies in the short to medium term, where we can identify investment opportunities. Through active management, we leverage these opportunities to create value for our clients. We believe a diversity of investment perspectives is key to achieving superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. These perspectives are always grounded in rigorous fundamental-driven research, as well as in-depth market and sector understanding.

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Our equities team seek to identify growth stocks that have been mispriced as a result of short-term market inefficiencies. As Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) investors, we believe that earnings growth is the long-term driver of stock price performance. However, it is important not to over-pay for such growth in order to achieve optimal performance.


The Multi-Asset team is tasked to stay on top of global macro and market trends, and to assess implications for policies and investment strategy. With a dedicated strategy and currency function, we strive to be insightful and disciplined, and contribute our views to Crown's Investment Committee.

Fixed income

Lake fixed income team believes that market inefficiencies in the short term provide opportunities to add value through active management. We adopt a disciplined investment approach, grounded in fundamental and qualitative analysis, and supported by a systematic quantitative investment framework


Having an in-depth understanding of the markets and the risk-reward characteristics of various idiosyncratic opportunity sets existing within, underpins our fundamental research process and anchors our hedge fund investment philosophy.